It will be upon us before we know it.  The debate between stuffing yourself during the holidays and trying to show off that New Year look are the most conflicting issues you'll have while on break.
Whether you're rejoicing the New Year is sparkles and gold, or sulking in black because another year has passed, this page should give you all the inspiration you need to start 2016 on the right foot!

For the ladies trying to impress and kill the New Years Eve fashion game!
Check out these sites and stores for more inspiration. Check out Mod for vintage and classic dresses, Revolve Clothing for more embellished outfits, and Akira for local finds.

For those of us that love black.
Check out the Balmain collection, Top Shop, Zara, and Fashion Tomato for more bold black pieces.

For those ladies that are feeling a one-piece.
Check out Jimmy Choo's shoe collection, Nordstrom's, and Nevermind Boutique for more inspiration and killer rompers/pantsuits.
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