My name is Jen Steichen, as you can see from your URL title.  I am a communications major and marketing minor here in Chicago.  The reason I created the fabulous site you are on right now, was to aid those women in need of a fashion prophecy.  Moving to Chicago, a few short years ago, I was unprepared for how drastically outdated my closet was.  Going to school in the city made me realize wearing jeans and a sweatshirt won't get you places! So after exploring the masses and gathering different pieces in order to create what I call my wardrobe, I have concocted the perfect recipe for neighborhood attire.


 Moving to Chicago has made fashion a huge part of my life.  This passion has allowed me to experiment different trends and looks in most of Chicago's neighborhoods. I have learned you cannot show up to Wicker Park in anything too preppy and you can't expect to go to Wrigley and not be spilt on.  With my knowledge and wit, I am here to be your Chicago fashion consultant.
Thank you for browsing!

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